Physician · Speaker · Author

Visiting Professor


  • U.C. Davis, Sacramento, CA
  • Tulane, New Orleans, LA
  • Harvard, Boston, MA
  • Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN
  • Brown, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, West Lafayette, IN
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
  • Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
  • Oklahoma University, College of Medicine, Oklahoma City, OK
  • University of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA
Diverse Audiences
    • Interprofessional Healthcare Providers
    • Human Resource Specialists
    • Clinical Social Workers
    • Psychologists
    • Youth Groups
    • College Students
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Medical Students and their Loved Ones
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Hospital Administrators
    • Pharmacists
    • Veterinary Medicine Students and Faculty
    • Community Members
    • Veterans
    Smooth Sailing Topics
    • Living the Smooth Sailing Life: Unleashing Your Gifts in the World
    • Workforce Well-Being: Restoring the Joy in Our Shared, Mission Driven Work
    • Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of: A Metaphor for Getting There
    • Smooth Sailing Life: Tips for Staying On Course in Demanding Conditions
    • Thriving in the Midst of Stressful Seas
    • Creating a World Class Fleet of Academicians: Navigating the Challenges at Sea
    • Charting Your Life Course for College Students
    • Wellness for Professionals: Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of ~ A Metaphor for Getting There
    Rejuvenation Topics
    • The Burnout Epidemic: Strategies and Tools to Replenish Our Patients and Ourselves
    • Shifting the Culture of Medicine to Foster Resilience Across the Lifespan: Practical Solutions
    • Burned Out and Overextended: Thriving Despite it All
    • Fueling Your Fire vs. Burning Out! Survival Tips in the Trenches
    • Steady as a Rock in Turbulent Times: Recognizing, Addressing and Overcoming Horizontal Hostility
    • Authentic Power: A Critical Ingredient for Success
    • Thriving Despite it All: Physician Stress Management
    • Practical Survival Tools for Dealing with Difficult Colleagues
    Managing Life Stress
    • Achieving that Elusive Balance: Searching for Solutions
    • Finding a Balance in Life: Achieving Your Optimal Career and Life Satisfaction
    • Physicians, Life Balance and Marital Fulfillment: An Oxymoron?
    • Balancing Our Personal & Professional Lives: The Secrets to Finding Inner Peace & Contentment or Is It Mission Impossible?
    • So You Want to Be a Doctor… and Live a Life of No Regrets
    • Achieving the Ultimate Success: A Spectacular Career and Life
    Emotional Intelligence & Organizational Health


    • Interprofessional Equine Facilitated Team-building
    • Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp
    • Distressed Physicians Course